Can you have sex in the shower?

Yes, you absolutely can have sex in the shower – and safely, too.

Shower sex in the morning or evening is any sexual activity that happens in the shower. Remember, this doesn’t have to be penetrative sex. If your shower is small or you’re worried about the logistics, you can always try out other sexual acts in the water to ease yourself into the idea.

But, for many people, shower sex does mean having penetrative sex in the shower. Depending on the size of your shower, this isn’t always easy. But, it is possible and can be a great way to bring some magic back into your romantic life.

Can you have protected sex in the shower?

When asking “is shower sex safe?” one of the main concerns people have is whether they can use protection. The simple answer is yes, you can.

Even with the water running you can use latex condoms, just make sure they have silicone or water-based lubricants to stop them from splitting and prevent discomfort.

Remember, water doesn’t affect the chances you have of getting pregnant.

So, if you’re not using any other method of contraception, definitely use a condom in the shower if you don’t want an unexpected surprise a few weeks down the line.

How to have good shower sex with your partner

Is shower sex good? That all depends on how prepared you are before it begins.

Here are some tips to follow before you start having sex in the shower to make your experience more enjoyable.

1. Plan with your partner
If you’ve never done it before, it’s a good idea to speak with your partner before you come onto them in the shower.

You don’t want a slippery accident to happen, so it’s best to leave the surprises for when you’re out of the shower.

Ask your partner if they want to try sex in the shower and speak through some logistics – like whether you’ll be having penetrative sex – before you begin.

2. Invest in a non-slip mat
When it comes to how to have shower sex, being careful not to slip up is a must. A wet shower isn’t the most stable of surfaces. But when you’re in the moment, the last thing you want to be thinking about is not falling over.

That’s why investing in a good, non-slip shower mat is a great idea. This will provide you with a more stable surface to stand on and prevent any accidents.

3. Test before you lean
You’ll probably want to lean on something whilst in the shower. Test surfaces before you do to make sure they can take your weight and feel secure.

4. Bring some lube along
Even if you don’t usually use lube, water can make the vagina feel drier. It sounds odd, we know, but it’s true! Some people enjoy shower sex more with a little bit of lube, but just make sure not to spill it on the shower tiles.

Tips for a good shower sex experience
Whilst having shower sex, there are a few tips to bear in mind. First of all, try not to use any shampoo or shower gel beforehand as this is bound to make the floor more slippery.

It’s also important to make sure your water is steamy hot. You might not be under the running water constantly, but if it’s hot enough it should still keep you warm. If there’s anything that’s going to ruin the mood, it’s becoming cold whilst you’re trying to have some fun!

Finally, remember that if penetrative sex just isn’t working for you right now, try some other sexual acts. Oral sex, for example, is a lot easier to try.

Best shower sex positions
There are plenty of different sex positions that you can try out in the shower. Take time to experiment and see what works for you, testing out any of the following:

Standing Doggy
This is the position we mentioned above. It’s the same as doggy but your feet are firmly planted on the floor, whilst you bend over slightly and place your hands on a solid surface in front of you, like a wall. Your partner then can penetrate you with their penis, fingers, or a sex toy.

Seated Ride
This is great for penis-vaginal penetration, but can also work for anal if you’re careful with how you angle yourself. Have your partner sit on a shower bench, on the side of the shower if you have one, or on the floor. Sit on top of them and start riding.

Reverse Riding
This position is exactly the same as the above, but the person on top faces away from their partner when they straddle them. They can then hold onto their partner’s knees or put their hands flat against a wall for support.

Raise a Leg
This is a very intimate, romantic position that’s perfect for getting steamy. Both partners should face each other, with the one who will be penetrated lifting a leg and resting their foot on the edge of the shower or on a footstool. You can then hold each other for support and enjoy watching each other’s faces.

Turn Your Back
This position is the same as the above but in reverse. Have the partner being penetrated turn away from you, and plant their palms against the wall. It’s slightly easier in a shower and can feel more stable.

Embrace trial and error
Remember, shower sex isn’t always easy the first time you try it, and not every position is going to work for you and your partner.

Don’t expect hot, spicy romance on the first try (if you get it, you’re lucky) and it’s unlikely to be like anything you’ve seen in Hollywood films. But, don’t let that put you off.

Shower sex is all about trial and error. Find out what works in your space and what absolutely doesn’t, and laugh when things don’t go to plan.

Keep up an open dialogue with your partner about what they enjoy, how they feel, and make sure they’re always stable.

As long as you go into shower sex with an open mind, there’s no reason why you won’t nail it over time! Just don’t expect to be a professional on your first go.

Give shower sex a try
Shower sex is a fantastic way to liven up your sex life and move things out of the bedroom without going too far out of your comfort zone.

You’re still in a safe, private space, but the dynamics involved are completely different.

If you’re interested, bring the idea up with your partner to see what they think and take it from there.